Engineering & Consulting

Clean Harbors can control costs and liability and provide safe turnkey environmental services to Engineering and Consulting firms.

Clean Harbors understands the regulatory and operational challenges that engineering and consulting firms face while working to meet demanding client timelines. We offer waste transportation and disposal, remediation support and emergency response services that allow you to remain on task and on schedule.

Company-owned and operated United States and Canadian waste management facilities—including incineration, landfill, wastewater treatment and fuel blending—cover a broad range of disposal technologies. Clean Harbors can safely and efficiently dispose of bulk and drum hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, solids and sludge waste streams associated with any size project. 

  • Turnkey – Our specialty transportation and logistics equipment efficiently and expeditiously moves large volumes of soil and hazardous materials off-site to meet your timetable. 
  • Logistics – Our logistics are multi-modal. Clean Harbors can move material from project sites by marine barge, rail and highway. All Clean Harbors facilities are rail accessible.
  • Resources – With our vast resources, Clean Harbors can internally staff and manage any project in North America.  

Engineering and Consulting Industry Services We Provide

  • Waste Disposal Services
  • CleanPack® Laboratory Chemical Packing
  • Container Management
  • Decontamination
  • Emergency Response
  • Large-Scale Waste Removal and Disposal Projects 
  • Dewatering and Materials Processing
  • Product Recovery and Transfer
  • Explosives Management
  • Remediation Services
  • Tank Cleaning 
  • Vacuum Services


Waste Disposal Services

Waste Disposal Services


Waste Disposal

Clean Harbors Waste Disposal Services provide the widest range of treatment and disposal options in the industry for all of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste. 

Unmatched in North America, our facilities provide services for all of the United States, Canada, northern Mexico and Puerto Rico. We handle drum and bulk hazardous waste in liquid, solid, semi-solid, sludge and gas forms.

When choosing a hazardous waste disposal company, your disposal needs are our business. We’ll work hard for your business.

One Call Handles All of Your Hazardous Waste Disposal Needs

Organizing multiple vendors is costly, time-consuming and it can leave gaps in your hazardous waste program that increase your risk or leave you open to problems with compliance.

Employing the most advanced technologies, we provide a single source for all of your hazardous waste disposal needs, making the entire process easier, safer and more cost-effective. From PCBs to cyanides and explosives, our hazardous waste removal services handle it all through a highly coordinated truck, rail and ship transportation network.

CleanPack® Laboratory Chemical Packing

CleanPack® Laboratory Chemical Packing


 Our chemists access a database with more than 150,000 unique chemicals for laboratory chemical packing.
Our chemists access a database with more than 150,000 unique chemicals for laboratory chemical packing.

Clean Harbors proprietary CleanPack Laboratory Chemical Packing services provide proper recognition, handling, packaging, transportation and disposal of laboratory chemicals. We also perform laboratory relocations, closures and cleanouts.

Clean Harbors can manage virtually any chemical found in a laboratory environment including:

  • RCRA and non-RCRA chemicals
  • TSCA, DEA, radioactive, mixed waste and universal waste 
  • Biological and etiological chemicals
  • Compressed gas and cylinders 
  • Toxic, flammable, oxidizer, organic peroxide and corrosive materials 
  • Pyrophoric, gases, aerosol, unknown, reactive, explosive and shock-sensitive materials 
  • Ethers, THF, dioxane and sodium azide


Throughout the chemical packing and disposal process, our skilled chemists help ensure your compliance with the latest EPA, DOT, TDG and Environment Canada regulations and record-keeping. 

Download Fact Sheet (CleanPack® Lab Chemical Packing​)

Container Management

Container Management


 We have more than 12,000 containers of various types and sizes.
We have more than 12,000 containers of various types and sizes.

Clean Harbors provides and manages a wide variety of containers for businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Clean Harbors has more than 12,000 containers of various types and sizes such as open and closed top rolloffs, vacuum containers, dewatering containers, frac tanks and specialty containers to service all industries. 

Ranging from the delivery of a single container to a customer’s site to the on-site management of all of a customer’s containers, Clean Harbors provides comprehensive container management. We also provide transportation and logistics services for moving containers on-site and off-site as well as container tracking.

Download Fact Sheet (Container Management Program)
Download Fact Sheet (Vacuum Dewatering Rolloff Containers)
Download Fact Sheet (Container Management Services for Western Canada Refineries and Petrochemical Facilities)

Typical Containers Available

  • Open top rolloffs 
  • Hard top rolloffs 
  • Open top intermodals 
  • Hard top intermodals 
  • Vacuum containers 
  • Dewatering containers 
  • Vacuum dewatering containers 
  • Frac tanks 
  • Luggers



 We have performed thousands of decontamination and facility closures from small single buildings to multi-building expansive facilities that require decontamination for mercury, lead, PCB and other contaminants.
We have performed thousands of decontamination and facility closures from small single buildings to multi-building expansive facilities that require decontamination for mercury, lead, PCB and other contaminants.

Clean Harbors offers Decontamination services for a wide range of circumstances by removing, neutralizing or destroying any harmful substance. 

Whether you operate an oil refinery, a processing plant, a medical lab or any type of industrial facility, decontamination is critical to safe and efficient plant management. Clean Harbors has the technical expertise, manpower and equipment to decontaminate all sizes and types of facilities and waste. We provide Decontamination services for:

  • Heavy metals and chemicals 
  • PCBs and oil 
  • Individual chemical tanks and large plating tanks
  • RCRA closure of hazardous waste storage areas
  • Animal waste matter and rodents
  • Biohazards and pathogens (such as avian influenza)

Download Fact Sheet (Decontamination Services)

Proven Techniques

  • Manual scraping and use of high-efficiency particulate air filter vacuums 
  • Decontamination with bleach or other specialty chemical solutions 
  • Pressure washing 
  • Use of HEPA-negative air machines 

When the health of your staff and function of your business depend on thorough, expert decontamination, contact Clean Harbors. 

Emergency Response

Emergency Response


 </a> Clean Harbors responds to more than 4,500 emergencies each year.
Clean Harbors responds to more than 13,000 emergencies each year.

With more than 100 response locations in North America, Clean Harbors has the manpower, equipment and technical expertise to manage any size environmental emergency on land or water.

When evaluating emergency response companies, know that Clean Harbors can rapidly deploy experienced, fully certified workers to meet the needs of any incident in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico.

  • Emergency spill clean up
  • Over-the-road incidents 
  • Punctured lines 
  • Tank overflows 
  • Leaking drums 
  • Saddle tank spills 
  • Large pipeline ruptures 
  • Mercury spills
  • Biological and infectious materials 
  • Ship groundings 
  • Tanker truck rollovers 
  • Chemical and hazardous material spills 
  • Oil spills
  • Hurricane, earthquake and storm damage 
  • Emergency lab packs
  • Homeland security and terrorist attack responses
  • Releases in warehouses and distribution centers
  • Excavation of buried drums and cylinders

Download Clean Harbors Emergency Response Resource Book for US
Download Clean Harbors Emergency Response Resource Book for Canada (English)
Download Clean Harbors Emergency Response Resource Book for Canada (French)
Download Emergency Response Brochure
Download Fact Sheet (Emergency Response Services)
Download Fact Sheet (Emergency Operations Center)
Download Fact Sheet (Bird Flu Rapid Response Services)

Rapid Response and Containment

Varying by the response, spills typically can be contained within the first few hours, with minimal remediation in the next 48 hours. Clean Harbors works under all local, state and federal guidelines (EPA, OSHA, USCG, etc.) when performing containment and cleanup. Waste for off-site disposal is packaged and prepared for shipment to a waste treatment and disposal facility. 

Emergency Preparedness

Clean Harbors Emergency Response experts can provide guidance on emergency management, operations, planning, logistics and more. Our Standby Emergency Response Coverage ensures that you have the necessary coverage and response in the event of an environmental emergency.

Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO)

Under the U.S. Coast Guard’s OSRO Classification Program, Clean Harbors holds Captain of the Port ratings for facilities and vessels in 56 ports throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Emergency Operations Center

Clean Harbors operates an Emergency Operations Center where duty operators certified in DOT and RCRA can help you 24/7. One number, one call: 800.645.8265

Large-Scale Waste Removal and Disposal Projects

Large-Scale Waste Removal and Disposal Projects


 Clean Harbors increases efficiency and reduces transportation costs by engineering unique ways to offload dump trailers into rail-cars.
Clean Harbors increases efficiency and reduces transportation costs by engineering unique ways to offload dump trailers into rail-cars.

Clean Harbors is equipped to handle all aspects of large-scale waste removal and disposal projects.

Clean Harbors provides off-site transportation, landfill and incineration disposal services for soil and other contaminated media from remediation activities. We also can assist contractors and project managers with support services including groundwater disposal, investigation derived waste (IDW) disposal, rolloff container management and many other services.

Our portable truck-to-rail services provide the most economical and safest method of overland bulk waste transportation. Our custom truck-to-rail loading ramps make it much easier to manage material shipment from your project site to a Clean Harbors treatment and disposal facility.

Waste Types Handled 

  • RCRA hazardous waste 
  • Listed hazardous waste 
  • TSCA, RCRA/TSCA and CERCLA waste (including Mega-Rule) 
  • Non-hazardous waste 
  • Halogenated VOCs and non-halogenated VOCs 
  • Halogenated SVOCs and non-halogenated SVOCs 
  • Inorganic waste 
  • Reactive waste 
  • Petroleum contaminated waste 
  • Explosives
Dewatering and Materials Processing

Dewatering and Materials Processing


 </a> Combined with our equipment and manpower, we leverage our significant transportation and disposal assets to provide a number of service offerings to our customers.
Combined with our equipment and manpower, we leverage our significant transportation and disposal assets to provide a number of service offerings to our customers.

Clean Harbors provides Dewatering and Materials Processing services to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems and crude tanks—​while producing a cost benefit to our end customer.

Surface impoundments and storage tanks containing built-up sludge can limit the effectiveness of your wastewater treatment system. Clean Harbors can safely remove and process the sludge and reduce the volume of waste with specialized dewatering and dredging equipment. This process results in improved efficiency of your wastewater treatment system and significant cost savings. 

Download Fact Sheet (Onsite Material Processing Services)

The Clean Harbors Difference

  • Cutting-edge dredging and dewatering equipment for precise waste removal and high volume, continuous processing
  • Resource recovery through our mobile thermal treatment units
  • EH&S support, including the design of vapor control plans to meet air emissions guidelines

Dredging and dewatering may be typical industrial tasks, but Clean Harbors expertise, equipment and turnkey abilities are anything but common.

Product Recovery and Transfer

Product Recovery and Transfer


 We have a full line of equipment, including our fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks, specialty pumps and skimmers that are readily accessible for spilled product recovery or transfer.
We have a full line of equipment, including our fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks, specialty pumps and skimmers that are readily accessible for spilled product recovery or transfer.

Avoiding product spills is always the goal, but when they happen, Clean Harbors Product Recovery and Transfer Services is here for you. We provide immediate and complete capture of spilled product, which minimizes loss and environmental impact. We also perform routine non-emergency transfer of materials from tank-to-tank or over water. 

On-Site Transfer into Existing Tanks

Our pumping systems allow safe and reliable movement of materials from storage tanks that need product moved prior to the tank being cleaned. When possible, we salvage reusable products and dispose of remaining waste at one of our facilities.

Marine Transfer Capabilities

Clean Harbors is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard for ship-to-shore product transfer in 22 Captain of the Ports. Our ship-to-shore transfer capabilities allow us to easily offload product from ships or barges onto tanker trucks or other vessels.

With our large, highly trained staff, vast equipment inventory and numerous locations throughout North America, Clean Harbors provides timely, safe and thorough product recovery and transfer services. 

Explosives Management

Explosives Management


Clean Harbors Explosives Management services provide risk-free disposal of explosives and management of reactive waste at our EPA-approved thermal treatment facilities. Our Colfax, Louisiana, thermal treatment facility is the only commercial RCRA Part B, Subpart X permitted explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) facility in the United States. 

Clean Harbors provides strict quality control for EOD. Our methods not only meet but exceed government requirements, eliminating the risk of costly waste rejections. We also ensure timely approvals, quotes and schedules.

Materials Handled and Industries Served

Federal/State/Local Governments

  • Confiscated articles including fireworks, ammunition and manufactured explosives 
  • Propellants and rocket motors 
  • Riot control articles and flares

Engineering and Consulting

  • Explosives/propellants from demilitarization operations 
  • Rocket motors and missile propellants 
  • Explosive contaminated debris 
  • Items stemming from oil field services 
  • Shape charges, jet perforation guns, detonators and cartridges


  • Airbag inflators 
  • Initiators 
  • Aircraft ejection systems 
  • Explosives/propellants

Chemical and Specialty Chemical

  • Explosives
  • Explosive contaminated debris 
  • Detonation cords 
  • Propellants
Remediation Services

Remediation Services


 Clean Harbors can manage your remediation project from start to finish.
Clean Harbors can manage your remediation project from start to finish.

Clean Harbors Remediation Services handle large-scale, complex site cleanup projects and environmental construction needs for the public and private sectors. We can remediate any location to meet corporate or regulatory cleanup requirements.

Clean Harbors provides comprehensive on-site Remediation Services for a plant or facility expansion, an idled facility or a decommissioned process. If you are closing a process, a building or an expansive facility in order to sell the property, remediating a brownfield or repurposing property, Clean Harbors has the solution.

  • Coke oven dismantlement and closure 
  • Landfill construction, capping and collection systems
  • In situ, ex situ treatment 
  • Soil solidification, stabilization 
  • Excavation and disposal 
  • Decontamination, decommissioning, demolition 
  • Integrated remediation systems construction and management 
  • Hazardous and special waste management
  • Manufactured gas plant remediation 
  • Mining site remediation 
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Sediments remediation
  • Remedial systems configurations for site-specific cleanup criteria
  • Refinery projects

Whatever your remediation needs, Clean Harbors has the manpower, enviromental equipment and expertise to not only get the job done but also exceed expectations. 

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning


 For large tanks, we bring in on-site material processing systems to reduce the volume of waste generated from the cleaning process.
We can clean tanks of any shape and size, even tanks located inside buildings or at a remote location.

Clean Harbors Tank Cleaning experts perform a broad spectrum of cleaning tasks for industrial facilities, municipalities and utility companies.

Maintaining your equipment at its highest operational capacity is critical, and that includes keeping tanks clean and compliant with EH&S regulations. Clean Harbors handles a broad spectrum of cleaning from 10-gallon acid neutralization tanks for medical companies to six-million-gallon 240-foot-diameter refinery tanks.

Tank Cleaning Services We Provide

  • Wastewater treatment neutralization for compliance with wastewater discharge regulations
  • Tank maintenance and inspection 
  • Fuel oil tank cleaning 
  • Utility manhole and vault cleaning 
  • Tank and vessel cleaning during decommissioning and industrial renovations 
  • Large-scale tank cleaning 
  • IOS and rail-car container cleaning

Download Fact Sheet (Tank Cleaning)

The Clean Harbors Difference

Clean Harbors not only performs tank cleaning—we also remove the waste generated from the cleaning process and dispose of it safely using our own vehicles and treatment facilities. This additional benefit sets us apart and saves our clients time, money and hassle.

Vacuum Services

Vacuum Services


Clean Harbors Vacuum Services collect and transport wet or dry, hazardous and non-hazardous materials on a routine or emergency basis.  

Unwanted by-products are a fact of life for industrial facilities. But disposing of these materials doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources. 

Vacuum equipment—including stainless steel, carbon steel, dry and liquid units—is selected based on the nature and quantity of the material to be removed. Applications for our industry-leading Vacuum Services include:

  • Liquids, solids, slurries and sludge (hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Pit and sump cleanouts 
  • On-site transfers
  • Tank-to-truck, truck-to-truck 
  • Catch basins, storm drain systems 
  • Spill cleanups
  • Tank cleaning 
  • Power plant and boiler cleaning 
  • Physical plant maintenance 

Clean Harbors can schedule routine vacuum services or swiftly respond to emergency spills or product release situations. 

Download Fact Sheet (Vacuum Services)