Explosives Management


Clean Harbors Explosives Management services provide risk-free disposal of explosives and management of reactive waste at our EPA-approved thermal treatment facilities. Our Colfax, Louisiana, thermal treatment facility is the only commercial RCRA Part B, Subpart X permitted explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) facility in the United States. 

Clean Harbors provides strict quality control for EOD. Our methods not only meet but exceed government requirements, eliminating the risk of costly waste rejections. We also ensure timely approvals, quotes and schedules.

Materials Handled and Industries Served

Federal/State/Local Governments

  • Confiscated articles including fireworks, ammunition and manufactured explosives 
  • Propellants and rocket motors 
  • Riot control articles and flares

Engineering and Consulting

  • Explosives/propellants from demilitarization operations 
  • Rocket motors and missile propellants 
  • Explosive contaminated debris 
  • Items stemming from oil field services 
  • Shape charges, jet perforation guns, detonators and cartridges


  • Airbag inflators 
  • Initiators 
  • Aircraft ejection systems 
  • Explosives/propellants

Chemical and Specialty Chemical

  • Explosives
  • Explosive contaminated debris 
  • Detonation cords 
  • Propellants