Safety is Our No. 1 Commitment and Our Passion.

Throughout Clean Harbors, our top priority is to continually improve safety. 

We believe that zero incidents is a goal we can achieve, and no one should get hurt while working at or with Clean Harbors. We also recognize that it is our 100% personal commitment to safety that will have the most impact on our own safety and that of our employees, our customers, our families, the community and the environment. Through our words and actions, we demonstrate that we reinforce acceptable safety practices and stop unsafe acts before they become a statistic.

Clean Harbors Continues with Low Incident Rates

TRIR and DART are two of the primary safety statistical measures defined by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and we continuously track our performance in these two areas. 

The trend in achieving excellent safety results throughout Clean Harbors sets us apart from other environmental services companies. With several overarching safety-related programs in place at Clean Harbors we are also guided by over 100 detailed safety policies set in place across North America. All recordable injuries, whether they occur in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, are included in Clean Harbors injury and illness rate calculations.

TRIR Performance

To protect our employees, continue lowering our incident rates, and satisfy our customers’ demands to retain the best service providers with the lowest TRIR, DART and EMR rates, Clean Harbors continuously improves on our safety excellence.

Certificate of Recognition and Safety Management Assessment Participation

Clean Harbors maintains memberships in a variety of industry organizations throughout Canada dedicated to the promotion and improvement of safety through cooperative efforts. We have maintain several provincial Certificates of Recognition (COR™), as well as the Industrial Educational Cooperative Safety Management Assessment (IEC SMA).

Both the Certificate of Recognition and the Safety Management Assessment require a comprehensive analysis through internal and external audits of the Clean Harbors safety management system.

By holding these certifications, Clean Harbors demonstrates our safety management systems are verified through external review. More importantly, we are able to continually improve our systems and processes in order to keep our employees safe.

Clean Harbors Safety Starts with Me: Live It 3-6-5 initiative enhances our safety culture by fostering goodwill and driving home the importance of safety in our Company. The name says it all—365 days a year—we all need to work safely and be safe, whether we are at Clean Harbors, a customer site, in transit or at home. It’s a safety lifestyle.

Injuries are not acceptable and all members of our organization work to prevent them. Bringing our employees into the development and training processes brings ownership. Employees know that creating an injury-free environment is within their control and responsibility for its success will lead to our desired safety outcome. 

3 Safety Philosophies

The three in 3-6-5 is for our three fundamental safety philosophies.

1.  Nothing is worth getting injured over.
2.  All near misses and accidents are preventable.
3.  Safety must be actively managed.

6 Golden Rules of Safety

The six in 3-6-5 stands for the six golden rules of safety at Clean Harbors.

1.  I will drive responsibly without distractions or impairments.
2.  I will think before I start and know my safety plan every day.
3.  I will only undertake the work in which I am trained.
4.  I will take responsibility for my safety and those around me at work, home or in-transit.
5.  I will intervene in any unsafe act.
6.  I will report all incidents and near misses.

5 Good Reasons Why I Want to Be Safe

The five in 3-6-5 stands for personal reasons why employees want to be safe. Employees are mindful of what’s important in their lives. Whether it’s family, colleagues, friends, customers or any other significant reason, we all have motivations to remain safe.

Everyone Benefits

Our solid safety practices have a domino effect. Employees feel more confident and happier in a safe environment. Morale gets a boost, productivity increases, and we can focus on serving our customers. Customers benefit from a safer work environment and reduced costs.

Be Safe

Continually reinforcing, educating and modeling safe actions changes behavior and could save lives. Set the example by making safety your cause, too. Others will follow and make it their cause as well.