Environmental Assessment FAQs

Does the landfill pollute local groundwater resources?

There is currently no evidence of contamination of the interface aquifer in analytical samples collected as part of the semi-annual sampling event at the Lambton site, which are a result of site operations.

Clean Harbors has an active groundwater monitoring program that provides early detection of changes in groundwater quality at the site. Monitoring wells are installed along the perimeter of the facility to detect contaminants. The monitoring program is reviewed by the Ministry of the Environment.

Download Fact Sheet (Does the Landfill Pollute Local Groundwater Resources)

Does the operation of the landfill contaminate local crops?

Clean Harbors has maintained a phytotoxicology monitoring program since 1991 to track potential impacts on surrounding farms within approximately 2 km of the Lambton facility. Foliage, soil and crop samples are collected and analyzed for a broad range of trace organic compounds and metals. There has been no evidence of any impact on the quality of local crops.