Lambton (Sarnia) Incineration Facility

Lambton (Sarnia) Incineration Facility

4090 Telfer Road, Rural Route #1 Corunna, N0N 1G0

Clean Harbors
4090 Telfer Road, Rural Route #1
Corunna ON N0N 1G0

Phone Number
Receiver A031813

This facility’s integrated hazardous waste incineration and landfill services provide a broad range of environmentally responsible solutions. The incinerator destroys 99.99 percent of all hazardous constituents, converting them to inert carbon monoxide and water. Combustion residue is stabilized and securely disposed of in the landfill. Stack emissions are continually monitored. The process is computer-controlled to ensure the near 100 percent destruction and removal efficiency. In addition to providing long-term environmental protection, the facility’s operations have been designed for convenience. On-site blending and bulk storage, rapid processing and efficient transportation services ensure that waste is received according to customers’ schedule. Learn more about the Lambton facility

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