Community Relations

Sharing Information with Our Neighbours

Maintaining a positive relationship with our neighbours and the communities around us is very important to the employees and management at Clean Harbors Lambton facility.

At Lambton, we strive to make the community a part of our operations, and we are proud to be an active supporter of Lambton County and St. Clair Township.
By using various communication tools to provide the public with details about hazardous waste and our facility's role in managing it, we promote the principles and processes associated with waste minimization and responsible waste management. Here are some of the ways we communicate:

The Lambton facility Community Liaison Committee (CLC) represents neighbours living within a 1.5 km radius of our location. The group meets with site management four times per year to review plant operations and environmental performance. The minutes from these meetings are distributed to more than 70 households.

A 'Report to Our Community' newsletter is produced three times per year and distributed to more than 200 neighbours and community/business leaders.

An annual Public Open House is held each spring, providing the public the opportunity to discuss Lambton site operations and environmental performance with Company management and technical consultants.

Annual environmental reports are provided to public libraries.

Regular newspaper advertisements highlight key performance indicators and provide contact information so people who want to know more can get in touch with us.

The Lambton facility website provides a convenient public portal to access a variety of site documents and general information.

Clean Harbors Lambton facility is a participating member in the Sarnia-Lambton Environmental Association (S-LEA) and the Community Awareness Emergency Response (CAER) organization, as well as networking and working in partnership with other local industries.

Supporting the Communities We Live In

Every year, through an employee managed charity committee, the facility provides financial support to over 30 local organizations. Here’s a small sample of the organizations we have supported:

  • Alexander Mackenzie Secondary Special Education
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • 1st Hussars Regiment
  • Inn of the Good Sheppard
  • Kidney Foundation of Canada
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Oil Heritage District Community Centre
  • Petrolia Lions Club
  • ROCKRIDE – Children’s Cancer Foundation
  • St. Clair Child and Youth Services
  • Victim Services of Sarnia - Lambton
  • Walpole Island Police Services

At Lambton we are proud of our employees who personally donate countless hours of their time to support community projects and events, doing everything from coaching sports teams to serving as volunteer firefighters.