Underground Utility and Buried Facility Locating Services


 Our crews provide efficient and cost-effective response.
Our crews provide efficient and cost-effective response.

Clean Harbors Line Locating Services provide the pre-planning, project management, locating, GPS surveying and GIS mapping of your underground utility and buried facility lines in advance of your ground disturbance activities.

Each site, locate, and reporting process varies greatly from job to job, yet your basic needs and expectations remain much the same. You need trained professionals that will meet your needs and expectations head-on, time after time, no matter how hard the job is, or where your location is. We employ highly trained and experienced professionals, whose integrity and confidence in their work help us focus on quality, efficiency, damage prevention, safety, environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction.

Clean Harbors has line locators based throughout Alberta to provide efficient and cost-effective response with availability to service Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Our locators are also supported by pipeline database providers whose database searches are produced digitally and transmitted with ease.

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Services Offered

  • Oilfield Lease and Pipeline Construction
  • Private Line Locating
  • One-Call Management
  • Wellsite and Pipeline Abandonment
  • Leak Detection/ROW Inspection
  • Environmental/Reclamation Projects
  • Seismic Locating
  • GIS Mapping
  • Crossing Inspection/Supervision
  • Sign Installations
  • Pipeline Integrity Programs

One-Call Management

Clean Harbors can fulfill your One-Call Management needs from start to finish, saving time and money for your administrative and field operations teams.

  • Receive
  • Screen
  • Dispatch
  • Field Visit
  • Report
  • Record
  • Archive

Download Fact Sheet (One-Call Management)