Reuse, Recycling and Reclamation


Clean Harbors can help your company more effectively and efficiently manage your waste management needs through recycling.

Clean Harbors Recycling and Reuse Program provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach that evaluates your R&D and manufacturing operations and identifies opportunities for efficient waste management. Whether a waste stream or production by-product is sold "as is," recycled or reused, your costs and possible liabilities can be significantly reduced.

Download Chemical Recycling & Reuse Program Brochure

Our comprehensive program will:

  • Reduce waste disposal costs 
  • Minimize waste governed by RCRA regulations, lowering your taxes and annual fees 
  • Create a positive impact on data reported on your TRI reports 
  • Reduce the burden and associated costs of regulatory reporting 
  • Pursue potential buyers of your waste stream 
  • Preserve your reputation as an environmentally safe company by allowing you to publicize new waste minimization programs 
  • Share best practices with other locations within your company to maximize value and achieve their sustainability goals

We help you:

  • Identify and quantify chemical recycling and reuse options, as well as potential end markets 
  • Interpret and provide guidance regarding regulations 
  • Conduct waste process review and manage logistics 
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive waste management program