Light Bulb Recycling


Clean Harbors provides a variety of options for light bulb recycling and disposal.

Light bulb disposal can be a challenge for many, since a number of bulbs contain materials that can be hazardous. Clean Harbors has your solution with our Light Bulb Recycling services.

We process straight tubes, U-tubes and circular lamps, using a technique that separates the metal, glass, and mercury-containing phosphors, segregating each component into separate containers. The glass and metal are sent to approved local recyclers. All mercury phosphors are sent for refinement at a Clean Harbors-approved retort facility.

Our light bulb recycling process is superior to other bulb destruction units, which typically only crush bulbs, mixing all the components together. Clean Harbors recycles 100 percent of the components of your light bulbs and fully contains any possible hazardous waste.

Clean Harbors Light Bulb Recycling Advantages

  • Responsible alternative to landfill
  • Our in-house capabilities for final disposal reduces liability
  • Superior technology