Electronics and Obsolete Equipment Recycling and Disposal


Clean Harbors provides a full line of recycling and disposal services for broken or obsolete electronic equipment.

Broken or obsolete items in your workspace can be a problem when it comes to proper disposal. Clean Harbors provides your solution with a full line of recycling and disposal services for electronic equipment, using a process of breaking down items to separate material that can be recycled from waste for disposal.

Additionally, if you have equipment or technology that should be handled as confidential, our technicians will ensure those items are destroyed and that no technical information can be recovered from any of the data storage components.

Types of equipment and components that can be processed:

  • Electronic business equipment, production equipment with electronic controllers, computers (mainframes) and peripherals (PCs, printers, monitors, tape drives, keyboards, etc.) 
  • Personal home office equipment and products (telephones, answering machines, typewriters, pagers, cellular phones, etc.) 
  • Small home appliances (microwaves, toasters, blenders), entertainment and visual equipment (televisions, video cassette recorders, stereo equipment, cameras, video game players, etc.) 
  • Small FreonTM-containing devices (refrigerators, air conditioners, medical equipment, etc.) can be drained and recycled

Clean Harbors provides maximum flexibility in the types of materials and components being recycled while meeting all federal and state mandated universal waste regulations.

Download Fact Sheet (Electronic Waste Recycling)