Total Waste Management



InSite Services - Total Waste Management program leverages Clean Harbors’ extensive resources and 3rd party vendor management expertise, to customize client sustainability programs and consolidate services through a single point of contact. Total Waste Management programs are focused on reducing waste volumes and program costs, reusing materials in a beneficial manner to eliminate waste, and recycling wastes and byproducts to create value. Our seamless integration into customer sites delivers insight into opportunities for process improvement and cost savings, while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

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Value-Added Solutions

Do you need more support to meet your corporate sustainability objectives? Is too much of your time spent managing waste and compliance, taking you away from your core business operations? InSite Services – Total Waste Management programs are custom tailored to a customer’s site-specific environmental needs, managed through a single point of contact, and help our customers to focus on their core business and meet the following goals:

  • Sustainability
    • Onsite process improvements, utilizing Clean Harbors’ labor and equipment
    • Assistance with reducing the amount of waste generated
    • Leverage partnerships for the beneficial reuse and/or recycling of waste streams
    • Implement sustainability programs (zero waste certification, zero waste to landfill, etc.)
  • Cost Reduction
    • Safety and Compliance focused programs
    • Vendor Consolidation/Single Source Service Provider
    • Reduced Liability/Exposure - Complete indemnification for all waste streams
    • Establish or improved returns on recycle/reuse streams and reduce costs on disposal streams
    • Documentation and reporting of all Cost Savings/Cost Avoidance achievements
  • Corporate Governance
    • Alignment of services via a standardized program approach across a large North American footprint
    • Results oriented service quantified through Key Performance indicators
    • Real-time visibility into waste inventories/volumes through the Clean Harbors Online Service portal
    • Detailed monthly reports, quarterly and annual business reviews