Laboratory Moves


Clean Harbors experienced teams make your lab move easy, safe, efficient and compliant with all relevant regulations. 

Moving your laboratory is a challenging, high-risk endeavor that requires precision, experience and utmost care. Clean Harbors highly trained staff takes care of all your chemical packing and moving needs with our: 

  • Wide range of chemical packaging expertise 
  • Flexible volume capabilities from small vials to 55-gallon drums or bulk storage tanks 
  • Ability to handle one lab or an entire research building
  • Use of our own fleet to transport your lab chemicals 
  • Identification and removal of potential decontamination areas

Turnkey Packing, Transportation and Delivery

Clean Harbors provides all chemical packaging materials and supplies needed for the lab move, such as drums, coolers, absorbents, dry ice, etc. Chemicals are packaged in DOT- or TDG-approved containers and maintained at appropriate temperatures. We also manage the disposal of unwanted chemicals such as peroxidized ethers, or previously used chemical packaging like corroded cylinders—items that are no longer needed or are not suitable for shipment. We will identify and provide the most sound, cost-efficient disposal option for your laboratory waste.

Download Fact Sheet (Laboratory Move Services)