Seismic Line Clearing


Our mulchers are track-mounted for low ground pressure allowing us to "tread lightly" — reducing rutting and ground disturbance.

Line Clearing & Mulching
Clean Harbors Mulching and Hand Cutting Services utilize the latest technology to remove underbrush safely and expertly in projects ranging from forestry to full land clearing. This makes way for new pipelines, power lines, source, and receiver lines. We pride ourselves in fully understanding the process and adjusting our methods to different climates. Clean Harbors workers have the manpower and expertise to provide high levels of efficiency.

Clean Harbors Line Clearing services provide accurate and reliable technologies for each seismic project.

Using GPS-guided equipment maximizes our efficiency and allows us to pinpoint your desired corridor within 25 meters with no continuous line of the site produced. As a result, we adhere to all low-impact seismic cutting requirements.

Our LIS system, guided by GPS, is top-of-the-line technology that works under the canopy in any forest condition providing an environmentally friendly method to cut lines with minimum impact on the land.

Clean Harbors Seismic Line Cutting services rely on safety measures to ensure regulations are followed—while meeting your seismic project expectations.

  • Meandering line to block continuous line of sight.
  • Low impact avoidance cutting
  • Minimal ground disturbance
  • Eliminating cut-line erosion
  • Site Preparation and Land Clearing – Large-scale land clearing in short timeframes
  • Seismic Exploration – Mulchers with GPS provide low-impact and no continuous line of site with minimal disturbance to the duff layer.

Hand Cutting Services
Clean Harbors used hand-cut line-clearing techniques to safely perform line-clearing techniques. Line cutting should be handled by professionals to avoid costly mistakes and/or negative impacts on the environment. Clean Harbors is dedicated to adhering to environmental stipulations to ensure your personnel is safe and we meet your project requirements. 

Hand Cutting Benefits

  • Minimize soil erosion
  • Minimize stormwater runoff
  • Avoid expensive reclamation costs
  • Provide eco-friendly methods