Seismic Drilling



United States Seismic Drilling Services

Heli portable, Track, Highland Buggy Drilling
These drills are operated out of our Louisiana & Alaska shops. Clean Harbors owns and operates a large fleet of drills configured to operate in areas that are challenging to other types of open-hole drilling methods. 

Buggy Drilling
The Highland buggy drills are configured to drill conventional for areas that are challenging to other types of open-hole drilling methods. Our drills have been utilized in various types of programs such as seismic exploration, commercial geothermal heat pump installations, and geotechnical projects.    

Swamp & Transition Zone Drilling
With an unparalleled array of equipment options, there is no terrain that Clean Harbors cannot access. Equipment available:

  • Marsh Buggy Drills
  • Swamp Buggy Drills
  • Aluminum Pontoon Drills
  • Airboat Drills
  • Airboat & flat bottom support boats


Canada Seismic Drilling Services

Clean Harbors Seismic Drilling services focus on safety, quality and production. Our drills are user-friendly and lightweight, and give operators the air and power they need to maximize production. Liquid-cooled motors with pro-heat systems allow us to operate in temperatures as cold as -30C, with stand-alone pieces staying cool in the summer heat.

Heli-portable Drilling
Clean Harbors owns 6-heli crews each consisting of 7 drills and support equipment. Our heli-portable drills are mainly utilized on programs with restricted access such as river crossings, and steep terrain. These drills can also perform open or cased-hole soil sampling utilizing a split-spoon soil sampler.

Track Drilling
Our fleet of 56 low impact (LIS) track drills range between 1.2m walk behinds to 2.5m Morooka MST800’s. These drills are mainly utilized in areas with steeper terrain, soft ground conditions, or environmentally sensitive areas. The versatility of these drills has allowed us to adapt them to run casing, drill conventional (Pit), and used for some methods of environmental drilling. We have utilized these drills worldwide.