Geotechnical, Geothermal and Environmental Drilling


Clean Harbors provides expert environmental, geotechnical and civil construction drilling services

Clean Harbors provides expert environmental, geotechnical and civil construction drilling services that allow environmental consultants and contractors to accurately assess areas for soil and groundwater contamination and plan any necessary remediation.

It can be challenging to find competent environmental and geotechnical drilling contractors who have the resources available and carrying out the job. Clean Harbors can solve your problem. Our diverse range of equipment and knowledgeable and experienced personnel who follow strict safety protocols are available to you across Western Canada and the Territories.

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Canada Drilling Services

Environmental Drilling and Geotechnical Drilling

Clean Harbors owns truck mounted, track mounted and heli-portable drills that can perform various methods of soil sampling, including:

  • Solid and hollow stem auger drilling
  • Casing
  • Split spoon
  • Shelby tube sampling as well as performing soil standard penetration testing (SPT)

With the vast variety of carriers under our drills there is no terrain that Clean Harbors cannot access.

Truck Mounted Drill
Our truck mounted drill is primarily used in cities and farmland (when conditioned permit). Our truck mounted drill can perform all methods of soil sampling to a depth of approximately 40 meters.

Solid Stem Auger Drilling
With augers five feet in length and six inches in diameter, our technique is a fast and effective way to retrieve soil samples and install monitoring wells in areas where no sloughing is present. Our solid stem augers are ideal for geotechnical drilling in consolidated soils.

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling
Our 4-1/4“ ID tri-lock hollow stem augers allow us to install monitoring wells in soils that are sloughing and where solid stem augers aren’t feasible. Using three-foot long by three-inch diameter split spoon A-casings to retrieve soil samples while drilling, these hollow stem augers ensure clients obtain a large enough sample to fulfill their site requirements. Our hollow stem augers are ideal for unconsolidated soils, wet conditions and monitoring well installations.

Monitoring Well Installations, Decommissioning/Abandonment and Repair
We supply all types of consumables for monitoring well installations and decommissioning. We offer varied sizes of PVC pipe and an assortment of end and top caps. Whether flush-mount or stick-up wells, we have everything you need.

With extensive well repair experience, we can easily remove and replace damaged flush-mount road boxes efficiently and cost effectively.

Soil Sampling (Split Spoon and Shelby Tubes)
Our two-foot long by 1-1/8” diameter SPT split spoon samplers are ideal for geotechnical drilling, and our three-foot long by three-inch diameter split spoon sampler is frequently used in environmental drilling. We also offer Shelby tube samplers, which are two-feet long by three inches in diameter and made from stainless steel.

Automatic SPT Hammer
All of our drills are equipped with an automatic SPT hammer allowing for consistent blow counts for geotechnical purposes.

We offer several different types of grouting units, some mounted on track units for hard to access locations and units mounted on trailers. All units are equipped with mixing hoppers and hose reels which makes them a far superior option than the typical tremie pipe and Moyno™ pump grouting units.

United States Drilling Services

Geothermal Drilling

Our buggy drills have been utilized on various types of programs such as geothermal and 4D source installation for the monitoring of steam injection. With our extensive variety of equipment, there is very little terrain that Clean Harbors cannot access. Equipment (all with auto hammers):

  • ATV buggy drills
  • Track drills
  • Marsh drills
  • Pontoon drills
  • Truck drills