Clean Harbors Access and Rig Mattings are safe and reliable for rugged project sites.

Durable and stable matting is essential during most oil- and gas-related projects. Clean Harbors Mattings are perfect for distributing heavy loads over underground pipelines. We offer Access and Rig Matting that can be used on a range of terrain including watercourses, swamps, zero disturbance, pipelines and muddy sites.

Access Matting

  • Size:  8 x 14 feet
  • Material:  Three-ply laminated solid oak

Rig Matting

  • Sizes:  3 x 20 feet to 8 x 40 feet
  • Material:  Steel triple rail with wood in-fill

Clean Harbors Mattings have been field tested to produce safe site access with reliability you can count on.