Auger Tank Technology


 </a> Go inside our auger tanks to see how they work
Go inside our auger tanks to see how they work

Clean Harbors Peak PerformanceTM Auger Tank Technology has patented equipment, which ensures maximum retention time of drilling fluids to aid in efficient separation and accumulation of flocculated solids.

Concentrated solids that settle in the tank are fed to the centrifuges by an auger that is installed in the bottom of the tank—enabling centrifuges to operate at maximum efficiency. Abrasion on pumps, motors and drill string is minimized.

Clean Harbors Auger Tank Technology

  • Eliminates cost of sump preparation and cleanup
  • Reduces chemical and water consumption
  • Reduces solids in drilling fluid
  • Results in less disposal volume for drilling mud

Let our technical expertise guide your drilling projects to your desired business goal successfully.

Download Fact Sheet (Peak Performance Auger Tanks)