Steam Cleaning


Clean Harbors provides comprehensive Steam Cleaning services for industrial buildings, tanks and oilfield equipment.

Clean equipment operates the most efficiently, but not all materials can withstand the same treatment. Clean Harbors offers Steam Cleaning―a safe option for cleaning equipment that is too sensitive for high pressure water or chemical cleaning. We can also use steam wands to thaw flow lines, wellheads and tank valves as well as clean up oil spills in the winter. Often, Clean Harbors can conduct steam cleaning during production so you don’t experience downtime.

Clean Harbors Steam Cleaning equipment includes:

  • One ton to tri-drives
  • Up to 1,200,000 BTU boiler systems
  • Up to 6,300 gallon water tanks
  • Air-movers capable of generating up to 6,000 CFM
  • Steamer-vacuum combo units

Clean Harbors has the equipment, manpower and expertise to provide high-quality steam cleaning services to industrial clients throughout North America.