Scarifying and Media-Blasting


Clean Harbors Media-Blasting removes staining or near-surface contamination from porous and non-porous surfaces. 

Removing staining and contamination from your process equipment is a routine maintenance inevitability. Clean Harbors provides comprehensive Media-Blasting services for a wide variety of facilities. We perform pre- and post-cleaning sampling to ensure the effectiveness of the media-blasting. And our focus on proper decontamination of personnel and equipment ensures that no fugitive emissions or contaminants leave the media-blasting work zone.

Going the Extra Mile: An Eco-Safe Media-Blasting Alternative

While effective, traditional media-blasting can produce harmful waste products. For companies seeking to limit such waste, Clean Harbors offers baking soda blasting, a cleaning and surface preparation technique that provides an environmentally friendly replacement for conventional sand or grit blasting. In this process, we use compressed air to disperse specially engineered sodium bicarbonate, which removes surface contaminants or coatings. And, since sodium bicarbonate is not harmful to the environment, the residue is easily disposed.  

Clean Harbors focuses not only on the task at hand, such as media-blasting, but also the effects that may occur afterward. This holistic approach includes safe, thorough blasting as well as compliance assurance and waste disposal—a turnkey service model that separates us from the crowd.