Clean Harbors earns spot on top 100 companies for ESG efforts

Clean Harbors continues to be recognized for its work in sustainability.

Last month, Investor Business Daily (IBD) recognized Clean Harbors as one the 100 best environmental, social and governance (ESG) companies. 

IBD is an American newspaper covering the stock market, international business, finance and economics. For the last five years, it’s put out its top ESG companies, directing investors to the companies who are prioritizing sustainability and a low-carbon future.

This is the first time Clean Harbors has made the list, coming in at number 39.

“To be in the top 50 is pretty incredible for our inaugural listing,” said Sustainability Manager Dan Liwicki. “We’ve always known we have sustainability at our core, but now through publishing our annual sustainability reports and disclosures, it allows stakeholders to understand our business in a different way than ever before.”

To determine the 2023 list, IBD looked at more than 6,000 global companies, comparing their ESG score created by Dow Jones Newswires, (its sister company). To further narrow down the list, IBD removed all nonpublic companies, those with share prices below $10 and any that did not meet or beat the S&P 500 in the past five years.

The report also took into account the growth and stability of companies, stock prices and return on equity. In 2022, Clean Harbors marked record profitability, while exceeding $5 billion in revenue for the first time in its history. 

IBD gave Clean Harbors a 60.47 ESG score in the “pollution control” category. The company is one of only two in that industry grouping.

While IBD doesn’t elaborate on each company’s designated category, Liwicki suspects our classification is likely due to Clean Harbors’ Net Climate Benefit Factor, as highlighted on page 5 of its 2023 Sustainability Supplement. By using this method, Clean Harbors estimates that, in 2022, it helped its customers and communities avoid more than twice the emissions the company generates. 

“From oil re-refining to solvent recovery to our Field Services division, our employees are getting up every day and doing the hard work to make us a sustainable company,” Liwicki said. “We’re going to keep expanding our work with customers and the reporting that we do, and we believe our ESG profile will only continue to improve as a result.”

See the full top 100 list here.