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Standby Emergency Response Coverage

As Hurricane Irma makes its way toward the Florida coastline this weekend, it is crucial to enact an emergency management plan to protect your business. Hurricane preparedness can make a major difference in a state of emergency when a storm hits.

For example, contracting a standby emergency response agreement can save you time and money when a natural disaster strikes your area. A standby emergency response agreement is a contract that outlines the business aspects of hiring an emergency response responder in advance, including scope of services, payment terms, insurance, etc. Contracting an emergency response agreement prior to a natural disaster gives your business the protection it needs in the event of an emergency.

While hurricane preparedness can spare you from some damage, a large-scale cleanup is imminent in a storm of this magnitude. A standby emergency response agreement is a proactive way to manage an emergency by insuring your business with a trained team of professionals.  

With a strong hurricane in the forecast, it is a good time to double check your emergency management plan and ensure that you have the coverage you need to protect your business from a natural disaster. Optimizing your hurricane preparedness methods will leave you better prepared to move forward with your business plan when the storm subsides.

If your business is in need of cleanup services resulting from a natural disaster, look no further than the experts at Clean Harbors. With more than 200 locations throughout North America, Clean Harbors has the equipment, manpower and expertise to manage an environmental emergency of any size. Hurricane preparedness can be daunting; with an experienced team like Clean Harbors to help clean, manage and assess damages, you can rest assured.

With the knowledge and ability to provide you with guidance on emergency management, hurricane preparedness, operations, planning, logistics and more, Clean Harbors is your go-to resource in a state of emergency. Clean Harbors signature standby emergency response coverage ensures that you have the necessary coverage and response in a natural disaster such as a hurricane.