D3 Clean Program

Routine Disinfection, Decontamination and Disposal Performed by the Professionals

At Clean Harbors we are continuing our focus and dedication on helping our customers with their COVID-19 strategies around Preparedness, Business Continuity and Response. As we get closer to the idea of getting back to work as a Country, Business Continuity has moved to the forefront. Companies are left wondering what the new world will look like and are seeking programs that will improve the confidence of their employees, their customers, and the public going forward. Clean Harbors is here to help by providing you with an ongoing program to help get us all working safely again.

Introducing Clean Harbors D3 Clean Program

The right program, the right price, and the tools you need to send the right message.

What is D3 Clean?

Recurring disinfection services performed by our skilled professionals with over 40 years of experience in emergency response and infectious disease management.

In the event there is a plausible, possible or known presence of the virus, a complete decontamination service will be performed by HAZWOPER-trained professionals using EPA-approved SARS-CoV-2 solutions that eradicate the contamination. The entire focus is on killing the virus, utilizing everything from foggers to misting equipment, while wearing Level C PPE with total body protection and full-face respirators.

We offer complete removal of contamination where remaining waste is safely managed and legally transported to one of our incinerators, where it is destroyed down to the molecular level. Whatever the emergency, you can be sure that our response personnel will execute the clean-up and disposal of your waste in strict accordance with the most current CDC, EPA and DOT regulations.


D3 Clean Communication Package

When you join our D3 Clean program you will receive a comprehensive communication plan along with a complete set of program awareness materials that you can share with your employees as well as your customers. Our D3 Clean communication package includes all of the following materials:

Letter to Employees – “We selected Clean Harbors and their D3 Clean Program”
Letter to your employees about your selection of Clean Harbors’ D3 Clean Program, what that means to them and how it clearly demonstrates your commitment to their ongoing safety.

Facility Signage – “We chose the best because your safety matters to us”
Posters that can be displayed in a public area and to your customers that detail what it means to be a member of Clean Harbors D3 Clean program and the safety and assurance that it provides.


Window Decals – “This area was disinfected by Clean Harbors as part of our D3 Clean Program”
Our D3 Clean window stickers let your customers and employees know that you are committed to doing everything that you can to provide the safest environment possible on an on-going basis.Remember, once an area has been disinfected, it becomes the responsibility of those sharing that space to keep it clean through responsible and preventative behavior. Window decals/stickers will be replaced each time Clean Harbors performs a service.

For information or to join our D3 Clean program please email us at deconservices@cleanharbors.com or call us on our 24-hour Hotline: