Land Development


Clean Harbors Land Development services provide quality and productivity in a safe environment, utilizing a wide range of equipment and expertise. Our experienced operators understand the industry, and we ensure each job meets all industry and environmental standards in a timely matter. Our large fleet of heavy equipment ensures we have the resources for jobs of all sizes. Before our equipment hits the field, we perform proactive maintenance and bring spare parts for timely repairs.

Excavation and Reclamation
Our reliable equipment will restore your old plant and lease sites to industry standard by removing contaminated soils and vegetation.  

Facility and Plant Site Preparation
Our operators will prepare your land for the construction of your new facility. Our equipment will meet all of your construction needs from excavation to grading.

Lease and Access Road Construction
We will clear the vegetation and doze the terrain to necessary grade. We make sure access is safe and efficient to transport your personnel and equipment.

Sub-Division Development and Repair
From roadways and lots, to underground water and sewers, our operators will get your sub-division ready for building construction.

Underground Utility, Water, and Sewer Construction
Whether you are a private developer or municipal district, we will install your pipes and lines on time and on budget.