Pipe Ramming


Clean Harbors Pipe Ramming services allow for the installation of steel casing or conductor barrel in adverse ground conditions. 

Clean Harbors Pipe Ramming services can keep casing size to a minimum in cobble by swallowing the material whole. It further eliminates the risk of creating a void in sand conditions since the material is not removed until after the casing is installed.

Pneumatic-powered tools drive steel pipe horizontally into the ground. Soil enters the front end of the pipe, which is left open. After the installation is completed, the soil is removed by doubling up the casing or auguring out. Hammers are available in 12 to 20-inch diameters. 


  • Conductor Barrel Process stabilizes poor soil conditions, creates a friction-free section during pullback, and prevents drilling fluids under pressure from entering waterways and wetlands.
  • Pipe Ramming is ideal for large diameter pipe installation where directional drilling is not feasible due to adverse ground conditions.

Download Fact Sheet (Pipe Ramming Services)