Oil, Gas & Lodging Services


Clean Harbors Oil and Gas Field Services provide safe and effective practices and techniques to handle your oil and gas industry needs.

Clean Harbors has significant experience in providing exceptional services to countless businesses in the oil and gas industry. As an environmentally conscience company, our main focus has always been on safety, durability and reliability. Clean Harbors is a one-stop shop for comprehensive programs with dedicated staff that will work effectively with your management team to achieve your business objectives. 

Clean Harbors Oil and Gas Industry Services

  • Lodging Services – Exceptional housing and work accommodations in remote locations
  • Seismic Services - Project management expertise during surveying, land clearing and other key seismic projects
  • Surface Rentals - High-quality, durable equipment rentals your company can rely on during critical projects

Clean Harbors also develops custom programs to service:

  • Fracking water treatment and disposal
  • Drilling fluids and solids disposal
  • Rolloff and frac tanks