Sustainability: It’s our business.


Clean Harbors recognizes that sustainability stewardship is a core aspect of our brand and an important part of our responsibility in protecting generations to come through balancing economic success with environmental, social and governance considerations. This responsibility is commonly termed ESG. We use various ESG measures to evaluate our activities and demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices. Sustainability is not only about doing less to harm the earth or consuming less resources, it is also about doing more good and minimizing the cumulative impact of other companies. Our core business is to provide industry, government and the public a wide range of sustainable solutions that protect and restore North America's natural environment. We are committed to working with Stakeholders to enhance business value while minimizing negative impacts and seeking opportunities to increase our participation in the circular economy. Our sustainability program expands our commitment beyond our services and products to include our operations, employees and community.

Our program is focused on the following strategies: